Large multi-tiff files

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Large multi-tiff files

Post by andrea.parenti »

Dear magick-users,

I have a question about writing multi-page tiff files using the MagickWand interface. My understanding is that I have to:

- initialize everything ie (MagickWandGenesis(), wand=NewMagickWand())
- add the images to the wand: MagickConstituteImage(wand, ...)
- write the file: MagickWriteImages(wand, ...)

Just to give you an idea, each one of my images is about 10 MB (2560 x 2160 x 2 bytes), and I would like to write a few hundreds of images to the same file.
The procedure I sketched above is indeed working, but I get into trouble when I try to write a large number of large images to a single file: all images are first stored in memory wand, then written to a file, and memory occupation starts to grow.
I tried to set MapResource and MemoryResource to 512 MB with MagickSetResourceLimit() to force disk caching: the memory doen not fill-up any more, but the writing becomes _very_ slow...
Is there any better solution?

Thank you very much!

Andrea Parenti

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Re: Large multi-tiff files

Post by magick »

We cannot think of any way to speed up the processing with ImageMagick other than to suggest finding another utility that might handle your requirements more efficiently.

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