PerlMagick binary install for Windows x64 ?

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PerlMagick binary install for Windows x64 ?

Post by walterhiggins »

Does anyone know if there's a binary install of PerlMagick for Windows x64 ?
I need to install ImageMagick + PerlMagick for a client on a WinX64 box. It doesn't have DevStudio so I can't build from source.
I've installed ActivePerl 5.10 and tried ImageMagick6.3.8-x32 with no luck (the Image-Magick.ppd file is for x32 only)


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Re: PerlMagick binary install for Windows x64 ?

Post by magick »

We have not tried it but you should be able to edit the PerlMagick PPD file so it will install. There is no reason we can think of why 32-bit PerlMagick should not run on a 64-bit Windows box. You, of course, could build ImageMagick yourself with Visual Studio 2005 and select the 64-bit build. The ImageMagick developers do not provide a 64-bit PerlMagick install just yet due to lack of time/resources.

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Re: PerlMagick binary install for Windows x64 ?

Post by bobinski »

If I had visual basic I would build PerlMagick from source. If I knew enough to get the 32 bit version working I would.

I'm running the latest 64-bit Perl and 64-bit ImageMagick on Windows 7. I can't get perlmagick working though. Perl and ImageMagick are both absolutely fine. If any one can tell me how to edit the PMM file or whatever, or better still has a 64 bit dll, then i would be extremely grateful.


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