Font Problems

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Font Problems

Post by harleypig »

It appears that either my perlmagick or my imagemagick installation isn't quite right.

I am unable to annotate an image. The annotate function returns no errors but the text is not added to the image.

In researching the problem I found that using the full path for the font allows annotate to work.

The problem I'm having is, $image->QueryFonts returns about 150 fonts, but I can't find which directory those fonts are in. I'm only able to use the Generic.ttf font found in /usr/share/doc/ImageMagick-perl-

Is there a way I can find out which directory those fonts are in? or, preferably, set something so that I don't need to include the full directory?

Is any of this making any sense?

Update: I figured out the problem. The xml config files had the true type fonts being used but the true type fonts are not installed on the server. Once I removed that include from the type.xml file, the known fonts appear to be working just fine.