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Installing PerlMagick on XP - recursion / stack overflow...

Posted: 2009-10-18T11:06:01-07:00
by Redrobes
Hi there, can anyone help me to install perlmagick on windows ? I have used it in the past but I cant seem to reinstall it after an HDD failure / OS reinstall. BTW I am using WinXP x64 and I normally install IM static 8bpp.

I have tried two versions of Perl 5.8 and a Perl 5.10 both from ActiveState. By default the Image::magick is not installed so I get the PPD file from and when I type

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ppm install
it appears to install correctly. I am sure at this point it used to work flawlessly however when I run anything that has the module required in the code then I get this...

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Can't load 'P:/Perl/site/lib/auto/Image/Magick/Magick.dll' for module Image::Magick: load_file:Recursion too deep; the stack overflowed at P:/Perl/lib/ line 229.
I see lots of advice about installing image magick in Windows. Its said that it gets installed as part of the standard IM installation and yet I never see this. It does not appear to be a standard module on CPAN.

I have tried to download the source and compile it yet my VC complains endlessly about code problems and differing compile switches so I think I am using a different version.

Does anyone have an up to date step by step guide to installation or ideas about what to do specifically for this problem.


Re: Installing PerlMagick on XP - recursion / stack overflow...

Posted: 2009-10-18T11:22:39-07:00
by Redrobes
The issue might be resolved if I could get the installer to put in perl magick. Here is the help during the installation...


and here is the panel a few clicks later...


with no checkbox for installation. Any ideas ?

Re: Installing PerlMagick on XP - recursion / stack overflow...

Posted: 2009-10-18T12:01:49-07:00
by Redrobes
Problem solved via this thread:


Looking at last link: ... tml#im_win

For Windows x64, we recommend installing Perl 5.8.7 for x86 (not x64). This is because there are currently (as of February 2008) no ActiveState imagemagick packages for the x64 platform. We also recommend installing ImageMagick 6.3.5 for windows x64. This version of ImageMagick is available at Perl 5.8.7 for Windows is available here (
I get the check box with these two specific versions and it installed correctly and runs my scripts again ok now. So I think because I was on XP x64 which is a server 2003 derivative then this issue in the installer is still present.

Thanks to guys in that thread and pixenate !
I'll be off now :)