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Help with major (installation) problem...

Posted: 2011-05-12T11:14:09-07:00
by malch
The following program works fine on my Windows system.

use Image::Magick;
$image = Image::Magick->new;
$err = $image->ReadImage('canvas:white');
print "err=$err\n";

On my Linux/CentOS machine it produces:

err=Exception 435: unable to open image `canvas:white': No such file or directory

perl -v
This is perl, v5.8.8 built for x86_64-linux-thread-multi

ImageMagic/PerlMagic were installed with yum and I have already tried reinstalling.
Here are the versions:

ImageMagick.x86_64 installed
ImageMagick-c++.x86_64 installed
ImageMagick-c++-devel.x86_64 installed
ImageMagick-devel.x86_64 installed
ImageMagick-perl.x86_64 installed

How can I resolve this problem? Any suggestions as to how I can approach a
more detailed diagnosis would be most welcome.

Re: Help with major (installation) problem...

Posted: 2011-05-12T11:23:27-07:00
by magick
On older versions of ImageMagick, use xc:white rather than canvas:white.

Re: Help with major (installation) problem...

Posted: 2011-05-12T11:46:24-07:00
by malch
Thank you kind sir!