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translated equivalent?

Posted: 2012-05-20T10:51:11-07:00
by kaptincho
Hi, I'm trying to insert an animated gif into a new layer and can not find how to translate to API PerlMagick someone could translate it? thanks

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convert -size 500x500 xc:black null: \( a.gif -coalesce \) -geometry +0+40 -layers composite out.gif

Re: translated equivalent?

Posted: 2012-05-22T05:02:45-07:00
by kaptincho
I finally made ​​with the same command prompt, but is there any way to speed up the process to process multiple layers at once? thank you

Re: translated equivalent?

Posted: 2012-05-22T20:50:26-07:00
by anthony
Depends on the images.

If the images contain transparency and are already 500x500 pixels, then just use -background black -alpha remove to remove the transparency from the coalesced images.

In API's the \( .. \) is just a new 'magick wand, or image sequence and -coalease is a shell api short cut for -layers coalesce