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Solved (my) PerlMagick installation problem (Win7)

Posted: 2012-12-08T20:25:28-07:00
by rmabry
I recently mentioned some troubles building PerlMagick on Win7.

My error was due to taking my instructions as per README.txt in the PerlMagick directory, which leaves out the line


before the line

nmake install :
For Windows systems, type

perl Makefile.nt
nmake install
It is correctly described on the main PerlMagick page:
$ perl Makefile.nt
$ nmake
$ nmake install
Perhaps that missing line should be inserted in README.txt for future releases.


Re: Solved (my) PerlMagick installation problem (Win7)

Posted: 2012-12-09T08:30:07-07:00
by magick
We corrected README.txt as you recommended. Thanks.