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PM Distort Problem

Posted: 2013-03-18T17:09:52-07:00
by wwwebsurfer
I'm trying create a simple 'zoom' effect by putting out a series of images from PerlMagick. I am currently using the -distort equivalent because using resize gets me the 'jitters' as it crunches numbers and decides to shift things over a pixel or two. -distort gives me a nice smooth zoom, but with problems. On a 'zoom in' it produces clipping. On a 'zoom out' it seems to always use 'edge' virtual pixels, producing a blurry mess.


I have been attempting to get either (or both!) directions working when I ran into this error pictured above. Please ignore that virtual is currently set to Dither - I gave up on logic and just tried sticking in all the other values. They all seem to produce this same error.

I just got done installing from source, I'm at version 6.8.3-10 Q8 on Ubuntu 11.10. Any help would be greatly appreciated.