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PerlMagick outputting two image files

Posted: 2013-11-02T19:58:13-07:00
by johnfl68
Hello all:

I have several scripts, all doing similar image creations, they all have been working fine.

Tonight, I made a copy of one of those, and made some modifications to output size, and some other things, nothing major.

Now, instead of outputting myfile.png it is outputting myfile-0.png and myfile-1.png

Has anyone seen this before? Anyone have any ideas of why it is doing this?

Thanks as always!


Re: PerlMagick outputting two image files

Posted: 2013-11-02T20:31:27-07:00
by fmw42
what is your input image? does it have layers?

if you do a compose ... -composite and forget the -composite, it will output multiply png images.

one really needs to know the exact commands you are using.

I do not know Perlmagick. I only use the command line?

Can you replicate in the command line and if so, provide the command line.

Re: PerlMagick outputting two image files

Posted: 2013-11-02T21:04:05-07:00
by johnfl68
It's a bit complicated, too much so to do via command line.

Image is a multi composite with weather icons, Days of the Week, High and Low Temperatures, and some other text.

I just started the whole process over, doing exactly the same thing, removed items and made changes one at a time checking each time along the way, at this time it works like it always have (no -0 and -1 images).

I did a compare of the two files in Notepad++ and they are identical.

So, I don't know, some sort of bug or something. It doesn't make any sense.

Oh well, if anyone has seen this before, and has any insight as to what is going on, it would be appreciated!