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Running a "Process" from Perl Magick

Posted: 2016-09-26T03:06:31-07:00
by miket
I can successfully run Snibgo's rather fine 'fillholes' process from the command line as follows:

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convert FILEIN.exr \
 -process 'fillholes wr 10 lsr 5% s random st 0.01 v' \
However, I would like to run this from within PerlMagick and I cannot find any reference to calling "process" in the documentation.

Can anybody give a pointer on how to do this?

Mike T

Running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and ImageMagick 7.0.2-4 Q16 x86_64 2016-09-15

Re: Running a "Process" from Perl Magick

Posted: 2016-09-26T05:25:40-07:00
by snibgo
Sorry, I don't know. I would hope the documentation at would have something, but it doesn't seem to.

With luck, whoever maintains the Perl interface will respond.

Re: Running a "Process" from Perl Magick

Posted: 2016-09-26T07:17:32-07:00
by miket
Thanks for responding Snibgo.

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to write up some really easy to follow instructions for installing filters (and installing IM) on your web site. I found them really, really useful to get up and running quickly. The additional background info in the instructions also helped greatly with initial troubleshooting and understanding what's what. (That said, I did have to do a bit of hunting around for some files which appeared missing from your amalgamated zip download. I made a list of missing bits, on the off-chance that your inclined to update. PM me if you want.)


Re: Running a "Process" from Perl Magick

Posted: 2016-09-26T07:28:17-07:00
by snibgo
Thanks for those comments. I don't get much feedback on the site, and have wondered if anyone found it useful.
... some files which appeared missing from your amalgamated zip download.
Yes, please PM me the list. Or email me directly; I'll PM you my email address.

I'm snowed under with personal stuff for the next few days, but can probably update the zip by the weekend.

Re: Running a "Process" from Perl Magick

Posted: 2016-09-27T08:23:28-07:00
by miket
As a secondary (but related) question, I've noticed that there are a number of IM7 command line methods that are not documented on the Perl Magic web page. The likes of -intensity and -Grayscale come to mind.

Is it the case that these are simply not available through Perl Magic, or is it the case that they are available but undocumented?

If it's the latter, can anybody point me to where I can find (or how to deduce) the appropriate use of these these additional functions?

Re: Running a "Process" from Perl Magick

Posted: 2016-09-27T08:52:21-07:00
by snibgo
If you've downloaded IM source code, PerlMagick/Magick.xs seems interesting, or perhaps PerlMagick/quantum/quantum.xs. These seem to be the source code, written in C, for the Perl interface. (But I could be entirely wrong.) They both contain "grayscale" but not "intensity".

If I was more adventurous and had more time, I would try editing one or both of those, re-build, and see what happens.

Re: Running a "Process" from Perl Magick

Posted: 2016-09-27T08:58:39-07:00
by fmw42
FYI, -intensity and -grayscale were introduced in IM 6.

The API interfaces other than MagickWand and MagickCore, probably do not get upgraded automatically with all the new features. But if you need and request a feature be added and the API is one that is maintained by the Imagemagick developers, then I think they would add that feature for you.