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Transparency lost in PDF to PNG

Posted: 2019-05-10T00:55:58-07:00
by Lincon
Hello everyone,,
I'm reading a PDF file (adobe illustrator) and trying to save it as png

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The probleme is that I'm loosing all the transparency and semi-transparency

using instead:
$img->Transparent('color' => 'white');
doesn't resolve the problem for the semi-transparency.

What are the correct PerlMagick (ver: settings to use?


Re: Transparency lost in PDF to PNG

Posted: 2019-05-10T09:04:20-07:00
by fmw42
Best to post a link to your AI file so we can test with it. But if it is CMYK, then you will need to read it in as RGB using the PerlMagick equivalent of

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convert -colorspace sRGB ....
Imagemagick uses Ghostscript to read PDF, PS, AI etc. But Ghostscript cannot handle CMYK with alpha.