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distort option for MSL

Posted: 2010-05-26T14:23:19-07:00
by ncallender
Hi - I've been using imagemagick for quite a few years now and have been doing everything on the command line. Recently, I just started a project that requires much more intricate manipulation and conjure and MSL seem to be the perfect answer. However, it seems like the distort command isn't available. Is there a way to expose this command in MSL?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Re: distort option for MSL

Posted: 2010-06-24T17:48:01-07:00
by anthony
It should follow the perlMagick API. And it has a Distort method.

It it does not work add a bug report in bugs.

Re: distort option for MSL

Posted: 2010-06-24T19:08:43-07:00
by ncallender
Thanks - yeah, it definitely doesn't work. I think I'm just going to ditch MSL for this project since there were several other functions that weren't working either and I need to get this running asap. Thanks for the follow up.