problem in changing color

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problem in changing color

Post by ratneshsoni »

i also ask the solution of this in my previous post, but i dont get to it now i am making it fresh. in below there is two image one is original and another is color changed.

in above image u see that original is clear but when i change the color of image it not clear it sumthing become jaggy.

i am using following command change the color. In this first i change the image color into gray and then change into requested color.

exec("convert newimage.gif -colorspace Gray images/colorchg/new_gray.gif");
exec("convert images/colorchg/new_gray.gif -fill '#ff0000' -tint 200 images/colorchg/newclr.gif");
it also happen sumtime that when i resize the image then also this happen.
please tell the me prefect solution for changing the color of its urgent.

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Re: problem in changing color

Post by fmw42 »

I don't think there is a perfect solution. When you resize and/or have anti-aliased pixels, then the recoloring affects the anti-aliased pixels part one way and part the other way. Thus the aliasing returns.


convert image -colorspace gray +level-colors somecolor,white newimage.gif


convert image -colorspace gray +level-colors black,somecolor newimage.gif


convert image -colorspace gray -fuzz XX% -fill somecolor -opaque black newimage.gif

Post a link to your original image so others can try various potential solutions.