crop empty space around images

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crop empty space around images

Post by tester »


Is there a way to -crop "automatically" the white border or empty space around the images like e.g. with gimp?
Please let me know how to solve this because I miss the option at the crop manual page :-/

Thanks a lot
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Re: crop empty space around images

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Re: crop empty space around images

Post by fmw42 »

also see -fuzz to allow your trim to be less sensitive to slight color variations in the area you want to trim.

see ... s.php#fuzz

for example,

convert image -fuzz 1% -trim +repage result

The +repage removes the virtual canvas which is the size of the input and makes the output just the trimmed size.

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Re: crop empty space around images

Post by jauson »

I had an issue with a png having a slight bit of transparency, which resulted in removing the transparency part, and leaving the white areas. To fix it, first I had to flatten, then trim.

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convert partial-trans.png -flatten -fuzz 1% -trim +repage trimmed.jpg
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