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feature request for label:* pseudo file format

Posted: 2012-07-23T22:30:32+00:00
by docjones2

So I've begun to explore the pseudo file formats, they are much fun, particularly the label:* pseudo format. MSL support for the pseudo file formats is pretty good, however there is only one hole I have managed to find, and it is in label:*

The imagemagick command line tutorials describe all the commands which affect the output of label:* (size, background, fill, pointsize, gravity, stroke, strokewidth, undercolor, font)

All of these work as attributes to the image tag (ie: <image gravity="Center ... />) except for font, undercolor and strokewidth.

Is it possible that these attributes can be implemented in the image tag so that the label:* pseudo file format works with the same features as the command line?

Thank you!!!