Assertion failed:(!scaled_font->cache_frozen)

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Assertion failed:(!scaled_font->cache_frozen)

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I've installed from source within version 7.0.5-4 on OSX MacOS Sierra version 10.12.4 and trying to used as below commend-line but I got another errors result then I've tried to ask with another forum they said this is bug so i want to make it is really bug or not.

Please check.

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DELEGATES      bzlib djvu mpeg fftw fontconfig freetype lcms lzma openexr openjp2 pango png ps tiff x xml zlib
DISTCHECK_CONFIG_FLAGS  --disable-deprecated  --with-quantum-depth=16  --with-jemalloc=no  --with-umem=no  --with-autotrace=no  --with-gslib=no  --with-fontpath=  --with-rsvg=no  --with-perl=no 

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//convert -font /Users/sopheak/Documents/cam/vgo/public/image/fonts/KH MPS.ttf -pointsize 36 pango:" កប្រទេសខ្មែរ "  mincho_test.png
//convert -font /Users/sopheak/Documents/cam/vgo/public/image/fonts/KH MPS.ttf -pointsize 36 Annotate:" កប្រទេសខ្មែរ "  mincho_test.png
// convert -size 400x200 xc:khaki -gravity Center -pointsize 30 -direction right-to-left -annotate 0 "صَوْرة سِحْر" u8_an_a2.png
//convert -background lightblue pango:'Some  <span size="49152" rise="-20480" foreground="red" background="blue"> Big Red on Blue </span>Text' pango_span.gif


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Assertion failed: (!scaled_font->cache_frozen), function _cairo_scaled_glyph_page_destroy, file cairo-scaled-font.c, line 459.
Abort trap: 6

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Re: Assertion failed:(!scaled_font->cache_frozen)

Post by magick »

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce the problem. The assertion is coming from the Cairo library rather than ImageMagick. You might have better luck posting the assertion to the Cairo developers.