JPEG Image Quality - how good is it?

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JPEG Image Quality - how good is it?

Post by leeAberfa » 2018-04-19T20:53:51-07:00

We have been using GD2 on our server, exclusively for creating thumbnail images. I'm doing some additional processing on the full-sized images, and I am appalled at the JPEG write results using GD2. It really breaks down around reds, which I guess our human eyes are more sensitive is an example:
I created this image with Photoshop, saved with JPEG quality = 11 (photoshop's quality is from 1-12):
I used this code:

$downimage = imagecreatefromjpeg ("Photoshop.jpg");
imagejpeg ( $downimage, "php_gd2.jpg", 100);
And the resulting JPEG looks like THIS:

Now, my question is this: Will ImageMagick give me a better resulting image than this? Would someone be willing to take that first image and run it through ImageMagick just so I can see the results?

I've already asked my host to install ImageMagick on our server, but sometimes he requires several reminders. I'm wondering how hard I should push to get this done quickly.

Thanks for any and all assistance!

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Re: JPEG Image Quality - how good is it?

Post by snibgo » 2018-04-19T21:04:26-07:00

Your post has no images. Images can't be uploaded to this site, but you can post URLs.

I don't know what GD2 is.

For ordinary photos, a JPEG version can be visually identical to the source image. However, IM has a "quality" setting, which can give smaller JPEG sizes but worse quality.
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