PAID: Banner creation

Do you need consulting from ImageMagick experts and are willing to pay for their expertise? Or are you well versed in ImageMagick and offer paid consulting? If so, post here otherwise post elsewhere for free assistance.
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PAID: Banner creation

Post by benteract »

We allow our users to upload images (Banners).
The user can then place one or more text areas areas on the banner by dragging and selecting an area on top of the image (and specify text alignment, color, font type etc).
The text within each text area will include replacement %TAGS%. The replacement %TAGS% will be replaced with variable text (e.g. company name) and we will then generate a unique banner for each company.
Our application is written in PHP.
Please contact me should you be interested in being paid to complete this cool job :)
We are running IM 3.4.1 (according to my dev...does that sound right??) running on Ubuntu / AWS.

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Re: PAID: Banner creation

Post by davidweber »

Would like to try.
I have been engaged in graphic design for more than seven years, I think it will not be difficult for me.

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Re: PAID: Banner creation

Post by fmw42 »

There is no IM 3.4.1 that I know. If it existed it is very ancient. Current version is or

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convert -version
will tell you your ImageMagick version

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Re: PAID: Banner creation

Post by snibgo »

As the OP was written 6 months ago, I suppose the requirement is no longer there.
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