Unable to use Trim function

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Unable to use Trim function

Post by abayputra2000 »


Recently I have installed ImageMagick-7.0.8-Q16 and since then am not able to remove the white space on the image. Below is the error that i get when trying to do it.

Error resizing image org.im4java.core.CommandException: org.im4java.core.CommandException: magick: no images found for operation `-trim' at CLI arg 3 @ error/operation.c/CLIOption/5262.
at org.im4java.core.ImageCommand.run(ImageCommand.java:215)

Below is the java code that i use.

IMOperation op = new IMOperation();

cmd.run(op, sourceImage,targetImage);
result = true;

Could someone able to help me out if there is anything that i can do to fix this.

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Re: Unable to use Trim function

Post by fmw42 »

Post a link to your input image so we can test with it.

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Re: Unable to use Trim function

Post by snibgo »

abayputra2000 wrote:no images found for operation `-trim'
You don't read an image. IM is telling you that you can't trim an image when there is no image.
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