MagickWand  7.0.9
magick-cli.c File Reference
#include "MagickWand/studio.h"
#include "MagickWand/MagickWand.h"
#include "MagickWand/magick-wand-private.h"
#include "MagickWand/wandcli.h"
#include "MagickWand/wandcli-private.h"
#include "MagickWand/operation.h"
#include "MagickWand/magick-cli.h"
#include "MagickWand/script-token.h"
#include "MagickCore/utility-private.h"
#include "MagickCore/exception-private.h"
#include "MagickCore/version.h"
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#define MagickCommandDebug   0


WandExport void ProcessScriptOptions (MagickCLI *cli_wand, const char *filename, int magick_unused(argc), char **magick_unused(argv), int magick_unused(index))
WandExport int ProcessCommandOptions (MagickCLI *cli_wand, int argc, char **argv, int index)
static void MagickUsage (MagickBooleanType verbose)
static MagickBooleanType ConcatenateImages (int argc, char **argv, ExceptionInfo *exception)
WandExport MagickBooleanType MagickImageCommand (ImageInfo *image_info, int argc, char **argv, char **metadata, ExceptionInfo *exception)

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#define MagickCommandDebug   0

Definition at line 66 of file magick-cli.c.

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static MagickBooleanType ConcatenateImages ( int  argc,
char **  argv,
ExceptionInfo *  exception 

Definition at line 643 of file magick-cli.c.

References ThrowFileException.

Referenced by MagickImageCommand().

static void MagickUsage ( MagickBooleanType  verbose)

Definition at line 572 of file magick-cli.c.

References _DrawingWand::name.

Referenced by MagickImageCommand().