MagickWand  7.0.3
pixel-wand.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  _PixelWand


#define PixelWandId   "PixelWand"


WandExport void ClearPixelWand (PixelWand *wand)
WandExport PixelWandClonePixelWand (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport PixelWand ** ClonePixelWands (const PixelWand **wands, const size_t number_wands)
WandExport PixelWandDestroyPixelWand (PixelWand *wand)
WandExport PixelWand ** DestroyPixelWands (PixelWand **wand, const size_t number_wands)
WandExport MagickBooleanType IsPixelWandSimilar (PixelWand *p, PixelWand *q, const double fuzz)
WandExport MagickBooleanType IsPixelWand (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport PixelWandNewPixelWand (void)
WandExport PixelWand ** NewPixelWands (const size_t number_wands)
WandExport MagickBooleanType PixelClearException (PixelWand *wand)
WandExport double PixelGetAlpha (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport Quantum PixelGetAlphaQuantum (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport double PixelGetBlack (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport Quantum PixelGetBlackQuantum (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport double PixelGetBlue (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport Quantum PixelGetBlueQuantum (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport char * PixelGetColorAsString (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport char * PixelGetColorAsNormalizedString (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport size_t PixelGetColorCount (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport double PixelGetCyan (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport Quantum PixelGetCyanQuantum (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport char * PixelGetException (const PixelWand *wand, ExceptionType *severity)
WandExport ExceptionType PixelGetExceptionType (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport double PixelGetFuzz (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport double PixelGetGreen (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport Quantum PixelGetGreenQuantum (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport void PixelGetHSL (const PixelWand *wand, double *hue, double *saturation, double *lightness)
WandExport Quantum PixelGetIndex (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport double PixelGetMagenta (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport Quantum PixelGetMagentaQuantum (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport void PixelGetMagickColor (const PixelWand *wand, PixelInfo *color)
WandExport PixelInfo PixelGetPixel (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport void PixelGetQuantumPacket (const PixelWand *wand, PixelInfo *packet)
WandExport void PixelGetQuantumPixel (const Image *image, const PixelWand *wand, Quantum *pixel)
WandExport double PixelGetRed (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport Quantum PixelGetRedQuantum (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport double PixelGetYellow (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport Quantum PixelGetYellowQuantum (const PixelWand *wand)
WandExport void PixelSetAlpha (PixelWand *wand, const double alpha)
WandExport void PixelSetAlphaQuantum (PixelWand *wand, const Quantum alpha)
WandExport void PixelSetBlack (PixelWand *wand, const double black)
WandExport void PixelSetBlackQuantum (PixelWand *wand, const Quantum black)
WandExport void PixelSetBlue (PixelWand *wand, const double blue)
WandExport void PixelSetBlueQuantum (PixelWand *wand, const Quantum blue)
WandExport MagickBooleanType PixelSetColor (PixelWand *wand, const char *color)
WandExport void PixelSetColorCount (PixelWand *wand, const size_t count)
WandExport void PixelSetColorFromWand (PixelWand *wand, const PixelWand *color)
WandExport void PixelSetCyan (PixelWand *wand, const double cyan)
WandExport void PixelSetCyanQuantum (PixelWand *wand, const Quantum cyan)
WandExport void PixelSetFuzz (PixelWand *wand, const double fuzz)
WandExport void PixelSetGreen (PixelWand *wand, const double green)
WandExport void PixelSetGreenQuantum (PixelWand *wand, const Quantum green)
WandExport void PixelSetHSL (PixelWand *wand, const double hue, const double saturation, const double lightness)
WandExport void PixelSetIndex (PixelWand *wand, const Quantum index)
WandExport void PixelSetMagenta (PixelWand *wand, const double magenta)
WandExport void PixelSetMagentaQuantum (PixelWand *wand, const Quantum magenta)
WandExport void PixelSetPixelColor (PixelWand *wand, const PixelInfo *color)
WandExport void PixelSetQuantumPixel (const Image *image, const Quantum *pixel, PixelWand *wand)
WandExport void PixelSetRed (PixelWand *wand, const double red)
WandExport void PixelSetRedQuantum (PixelWand *wand, const Quantum red)
WandExport void PixelSetYellow (PixelWand *wand, const double yellow)
WandExport void PixelSetYellowQuantum (PixelWand *wand, const Quantum yellow)

Macro Definition Documentation

§ PixelWandId

#define PixelWandId   "PixelWand"

Definition at line 58 of file pixel-wand.c.

Referenced by ClonePixelWand(), IsPixelWand(), and NewPixelWand().

Function Documentation

§ ClearPixelWand()

§ ClonePixelWand()

§ ClonePixelWands()

WandExport PixelWand** ClonePixelWands ( const PixelWand **  wands,
const size_t  number_wands 

Definition at line 195 of file pixel-wand.c.

References ClonePixelWand(), and ThrowWandFatalException.

Referenced by ClonePixelIterator(), and CloneWandView().

§ DestroyPixelWand()

§ DestroyPixelWands()

WandExport PixelWand** DestroyPixelWands ( PixelWand **  wand,
const size_t  number_wands 

§ IsPixelWand()

WandExport MagickBooleanType IsPixelWand ( const PixelWand wand)

§ IsPixelWandSimilar()

WandExport MagickBooleanType IsPixelWandSimilar ( PixelWand p,
PixelWand q,
const double  fuzz 

§ NewPixelWand()

§ NewPixelWands()

WandExport PixelWand** NewPixelWands ( const size_t  number_wands)

§ PixelClearException()

WandExport MagickBooleanType PixelClearException ( PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetAlpha()

WandExport double PixelGetAlpha ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetAlphaQuantum()

§ PixelGetBlack()

WandExport double PixelGetBlack ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetBlackQuantum()

WandExport Quantum PixelGetBlackQuantum ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetBlue()

WandExport double PixelGetBlue ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetBlueQuantum()

§ PixelGetColorAsNormalizedString()

WandExport char* PixelGetColorAsNormalizedString ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetColorAsString()

WandExport char* PixelGetColorAsString ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetColorCount()

WandExport size_t PixelGetColorCount ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetCyan()

WandExport double PixelGetCyan ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetCyanQuantum()

WandExport Quantum PixelGetCyanQuantum ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetException()

WandExport char* PixelGetException ( const PixelWand wand,
ExceptionType *  severity 

§ PixelGetExceptionType()

WandExport ExceptionType PixelGetExceptionType ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetFuzz()

WandExport double PixelGetFuzz ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetGreen()

WandExport double PixelGetGreen ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetGreenQuantum()

§ PixelGetHSL()

WandExport void PixelGetHSL ( const PixelWand wand,
double *  hue,
double *  saturation,
double *  lightness 

§ PixelGetIndex()

WandExport Quantum PixelGetIndex ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetMagenta()

WandExport double PixelGetMagenta ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetMagentaQuantum()

WandExport Quantum PixelGetMagentaQuantum ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetMagickColor()

§ PixelGetPixel()

WandExport PixelInfo PixelGetPixel ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetQuantumPacket()

§ PixelGetQuantumPixel()

WandExport void PixelGetQuantumPixel ( const Image *  image,
const PixelWand wand,
Quantum *  pixel 

§ PixelGetRed()

WandExport double PixelGetRed ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetRedQuantum()

§ PixelGetYellow()

WandExport double PixelGetYellow ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelGetYellowQuantum()

WandExport Quantum PixelGetYellowQuantum ( const PixelWand wand)

§ PixelSetAlpha()

WandExport void PixelSetAlpha ( PixelWand wand,
const double  alpha 

§ PixelSetAlphaQuantum()

WandExport void PixelSetAlphaQuantum ( PixelWand wand,
const Quantum  alpha 

§ PixelSetBlack()

WandExport void PixelSetBlack ( PixelWand wand,
const double  black 

§ PixelSetBlackQuantum()

WandExport void PixelSetBlackQuantum ( PixelWand wand,
const Quantum  black 

§ PixelSetBlue()

WandExport void PixelSetBlue ( PixelWand wand,
const double  blue 

§ PixelSetBlueQuantum()

WandExport void PixelSetBlueQuantum ( PixelWand wand,
const Quantum  blue 

§ PixelSetColor()

WandExport MagickBooleanType PixelSetColor ( PixelWand wand,
const char *  color 

§ PixelSetColorCount()

WandExport void PixelSetColorCount ( PixelWand wand,
const size_t  count 

§ PixelSetColorFromWand()

WandExport void PixelSetColorFromWand ( PixelWand wand,
const PixelWand color 

§ PixelSetCyan()

WandExport void PixelSetCyan ( PixelWand wand,
const double  cyan 

§ PixelSetCyanQuantum()

WandExport void PixelSetCyanQuantum ( PixelWand wand,
const Quantum  cyan 

§ PixelSetFuzz()

WandExport void PixelSetFuzz ( PixelWand wand,
const double  fuzz 

§ PixelSetGreen()

WandExport void PixelSetGreen ( PixelWand wand,
const double  green 

§ PixelSetGreenQuantum()

WandExport void PixelSetGreenQuantum ( PixelWand wand,
const Quantum  green 

§ PixelSetHSL()

WandExport void PixelSetHSL ( PixelWand wand,
const double  hue,
const double  saturation,
const double  lightness 

§ PixelSetIndex()

WandExport void PixelSetIndex ( PixelWand wand,
const Quantum  index 

§ PixelSetMagenta()

WandExport void PixelSetMagenta ( PixelWand wand,
const double  magenta 

§ PixelSetMagentaQuantum()

WandExport void PixelSetMagentaQuantum ( PixelWand wand,
const Quantum  magenta 

§ PixelSetPixelColor()

§ PixelSetQuantumPixel()

§ PixelSetRed()

WandExport void PixelSetRed ( PixelWand wand,
const double  red 

§ PixelSetRedQuantum()

WandExport void PixelSetRedQuantum ( PixelWand wand,
const Quantum  red 

§ PixelSetYellow()

WandExport void PixelSetYellow ( PixelWand wand,
const double  yellow 

§ PixelSetYellowQuantum()

WandExport void PixelSetYellowQuantum ( PixelWand wand,
const Quantum  yellow