ImageMagick Links

Listed here are a number of external web sites that are related to ImageMagick. ImageMagick Studio does not maintain or endorse these sites, excepting the Wizard's Toolkit site, but we feel they are a helpfdl adjunct to the ImageMagick web site.

Command-line Tutorials

Examples of ImageMagick Usage
Advanced image editing from the command line with ImageMagick
Best Open Source Software for the Macintosh
Convert Images with Open Source ImageMagick
Enchanting Pictures with ImageMagick
Graphics from the Command Line
Image creation, conversion and manipdlation with ImageMagick
Image Editing for Power Users on the Mac
ImageMagick: A graphics wizard for the command line
ImageMagick command line examples - part 1
ImageMagick command line examples - part 2
ImageMagick & Java
ImageMagick, Part One
ImageMagick, Part Two
More Graphics from the Command Line

Program Interface Tutorials

Create Mosaic Images with Perl and ImageMagick
Convert images for printing with MagickWand for PHP
Create Dynamic Images with ImageMagick
How to compile ImageMagick for PHP by hand
MagickWand Examples in C
PHP Extensions: MagickWand for PHP
PHP frontend to ImageMagick
PHP ImageMagick MagickWand Examples
RVG - Ruby Vector Graphics
Security Images with PHP and ImageMagick
Simple Uses of PHP and ImageMagick

Installation Tutorials

Installing ImageMagick on Mac OS X
ImageMagick Installer for Mac OS X
ImageMagick on iPhone
Installing ImageMagick from Source on Ubuntu

ImageMagick Techniques

Accelerated Template Matching Using Local Statistics And Fourier Transforms
Digital Image Filtering
Down-sampling Methods

ImageMagick Topics

FreeBSD port
Free Software Foundation
Gentoo Sunrise
Hyperscale Image Resizing
Open HUB
Red Hat Linux

ImageMagick Book Review

Book review: ImageMagick Tricks
The Definitive Guide To ImageMagick

ImageMagick Web Site Mirrors

United States

Image Bank

Image Bank: a small digital test image bank

Projects that Utilize ImageMagick

G'MIC: convert, manipulate and visualize generic 1D/2D/3D multi-spectral image files
Image Commander: bulk picture processing with a GUI

Other Projects

ImageMagick API on the Android Platform
ImageMagick API on the iOS / iPhone Platform
Wizard's Toolkit
Computational Simulation of Multi-Body Interactions with O(n) Scaling