ImageMagickObject.dll standalone?

ImageMagickObject is a Windows COM+ interface to ImageMagick. COM+, Visual Basic, and Delphi users should post to this discussion group.
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ImageMagickObject.dll standalone?

Post by JarekB »

Hi All,

Does anybody know if it is possible to distribute just the "ImageMagickObject.dll" to get the COM+ functionality on various systems?
I am trying to figure out if this file is enough to use its functionality, or the full IM installation is required on top of it?
With no IM installed, I tried to register the ImageMagickObject.dll object via:

Code: Select all

regsvr32 /c /s ImageMagickObject.dll
(with correct file path)
but I get this error:
The module [...] failed to load.
Make sure binary is stored at the specified path or debug it to check for problems with binary or dependent .DLL
The specified module could not be found

Anyone tried using the object as stand-alone without having the IM installed ?

thank you
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