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token.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  _TokenInfo


#define IN_WHITE   0
#define IN_TOKEN   1
#define IN_QUOTE   2
#define IN_OZONE   3


MagickExport TokenInfoAcquireTokenInfo (void)
MagickExport TokenInfoDestroyTokenInfo (TokenInfo *token_info)
MagickExport void GetNextToken (const char *start, const char **end, const size_t extent, char *token)
MagickExport MagickBooleanType GlobExpression (const char *expression, const char *pattern, const MagickBooleanType case_insensitive)
MagickPrivate MagickBooleanType IsGlob (const char *path)
static ssize_t sindex (int c, const char *string)
static void StoreToken (TokenInfo *token_info, char *string, size_t max_token_length, int c)
MagickExport int Tokenizer (TokenInfo *token_info, const unsigned flag, char *token, const size_t max_token_length, const char *line, const char *white, const char *break_set, const char *quote, const char escape, char *breaker, int *next, char *quoted)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define IN_OZONE   3

Definition at line 788 of file token.c.

Referenced by Tokenizer().


#define IN_QUOTE   2

Definition at line 787 of file token.c.

Referenced by StoreToken(), and Tokenizer().


#define IN_TOKEN   1

Definition at line 786 of file token.c.

Referenced by Tokenizer().


#define IN_WHITE   0

Definition at line 785 of file token.c.

Referenced by Tokenizer().

Function Documentation

◆ AcquireTokenInfo()

MagickExport TokenInfo* AcquireTokenInfo ( void  )

Definition at line 96 of file token.c.

References AcquireCriticalMemory(), MagickCoreSignature, and _TokenInfo::signature.

◆ DestroyTokenInfo()

MagickExport TokenInfo* DestroyTokenInfo ( TokenInfo token_info)

◆ GetNextToken()

◆ GlobExpression()

◆ IsGlob()

MagickPrivate MagickBooleanType IsGlob ( const char *  path)

Definition at line 592 of file token.c.

References IsPathAccessible(), MagickFalse, and MagickTrue.

Referenced by ExpandFilenames(), InterpretImageProperties(), and SetImageInfo().

◆ sindex()

static ssize_t sindex ( int  c,
const char *  string 

Definition at line 790 of file token.c.

Referenced by Tokenizer().

◆ StoreToken()

static void StoreToken ( TokenInfo token_info,
char *  string,
size_t  max_token_length,
int  c 

Definition at line 801 of file token.c.

References _TokenInfo::flag, IN_QUOTE, _TokenInfo::offset, and _TokenInfo::state.

Referenced by Tokenizer().

◆ Tokenizer()

MagickExport int Tokenizer ( TokenInfo token_info,
const unsigned  flag,
char *  token,
const size_t  max_token_length,
const char *  line,
const char *  white,
const char *  break_set,
const char *  quote,
const char  escape,
char *  breaker,
int *  next,
char *  quoted